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Start your own arcade community platform with Arcadia. This feature-packed PHP script comes with 26,000+ high-quality Flash and HTML5 games, 9 theme colors, 3 different avatar styles, game submissions and more so that you can create and customize a top-notch arcade platform.


  • 26,000+ Games – High quality Flash and HTML5 games from Kongregate, Softgames, Gamepix, Scirra Arcade, Spilgames and more! Fetch it using the automatic game import feature!
  • Game Submissions – Your arcade users can submit their games and earn exp when approved!
  • Theme Colors – Choose what color fits your arcade style! Choose from 9 different theme colors! Alizarin, river, amethyst and more!
  • Default Avatars – 3 different styles for default avatars! Gmail style, Robohash Monsters and Adorable Avatars! Choose your style!
  • Game Review System – Approve or delete pending submitted games from your arcade users!
  • Gaming Features – Add to favorites, report, submit, edit, delete, add comments, fullscreen mode, star ratings, embed, related games, last players and more!
  • Smart EXP System – Earn exp by playing, submitting games, adding comments, staying on your site, referring users and more! You could even earn exp when other member plays your submitted games!
  • Complete User System – Registration, login, forgot password, online members, user comments, leaderboard, ranks, exp, avatars, profile covers, multi-level users, language saving and more!
  • Ranks System – Allow you users to earn exp and rank up and become the “God of Gamers”!
  • Shoutbox – Chat with other online players! with chat commands and live online count! Shout and talk live!
  • Social Login – Login using your facebook, google or twitter accounts easily!
  • 3 Comments System – Allow your users to comment in games using the default comments, facebook comments or disqus comments!
  • Ads Ready – Earn tons of $$$$ with advertisements! Place adsense banners on homepage, game page, game frames, login page and more!
  • Pretty URL’s – Navigate to your arcade site easily with human readable links, It also increases search engine visibility of your site!
  • SEO Optimized – From urls to meta tags! With automatic page meta tags generation and open graph tags generation for social sharing!
  • Responsive Templates – 2 beautiful bootstrap arcade designed templates built to fit and look great on different devices.
  • Control Panel – Manage everything in the multi-functional control panel! Configure a wide range of settings, check statistics, manage users, manage ads, manage reports, manage pages, manage categories and more!
  • Smart Mobile Detect – Automatically detects if user is using a mobile or tablet device and the system will adjust based on the mobile environment by showing only touch compatible games and optimizing the pages.
  • Multi Language – Easily translate to your own language! Every possible strings in the system are translated to provide better user experience! It also has multi-lingual search that allows your users to search for games in different languages!
  • Smart Caching – Greatly improves the site loading time and lessens the database load for a smooth user experience.
  • API System – Easily create a plugin for your arcade site using the easy to use api! It’s also possible for your users to embed games and user profiles to their own websites!
  • Game Distribution – Allow other arcade sites to fetch your games! Create your own game distribution system and be a game provider!
  • Ajax Powered – Ultra fast game pagination, comments pagination, dynamic form saving and more! Save tons of bandwidth!
  • Easy Installer – Install arcadia easily as counting 1, 2, 3! No monkey work and catalog shits needed!
  • Tons of Features – Anti adblock, recent comments, new users, last game players, recent searches, custom pages, online users, category management, language management, social sharing, leaderboard, toast alerts, orientation detection and more!

Server Requirements

  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP 5.4 or newer
  • MySQL 5.0 or newer
  • At least 128mb ram
  • MySQLi Extension
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • cURL Enabled

HTTPS Support

Secure (https) is fully supported! But it will affect the total number of games that can be fetched using the game importer.

Customer Support

Please look at the included documentation first. If you can’t find the solution there, please create a ticket here. A valid purchase is required for support! Thanks!


Changelog v1.6.6 (7/9/17)
- Fixed: .htaccess

Changelog v1.6.5 (6/17/17)
- Fixed: control panel issue with user manager 
- Fixed: brazil country flag 
- Fixed: minor bugs

Changelog v1.6.4 (6/12/17)
- Fixed: minor bugs
- Fixed: api template
- Fixed: past version mistakes

Changelog v1.6.3 (6/9/17)
- Fixed: font issue
- Fixed: featured tabs issue on mimiplay template
- Fixed: control panel not saving issue
- Fixed: related games description translation string
- Fixed: mimiplay mobile css issues
- Added: ban protection for main admin account against chat commands
- Added: control panel create buttons
- Updated: game center api

Changelog v1.6 (6/6/17)
- New "MIMIPLAY" Arcade Template!
- New Control Panel Design!
- New Facebook Comments System!
- New Disqus Comments System!
- New Search Algorithm with Multi Lingual Feature!
- New: game managaer in control panel
- New: user manager in control panel
- New: separated control panel template
- New: game points algorithm
- New: system structure
- New: cron commands
- New: "/ban" chat command
- New: "/unban" chat command
- New: "/warn" chat command
- New: ":heart:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":lost:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":wink:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":angel:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":ninja:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":alien:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":cool:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":grin:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- New: ":shocked:" emoticon code for shoutbox and comments
- Added: option to disable game description tooltips
- Added: max search characters to prevent abusive users
- Added: option to adjust the game points interval
- Added: enable flash player guide page
- Added: error handling when page was not found
- Added: search settings in control panel
- Added: comment settings in control panel
- Added: facebook profile pic fetching when a user logged in using facebook
- Added: blacklisting of deleted games (prevents deleted games from the importer to be added again)
- Added: /logout.php
- Updated: game center api
- Updated: control panel layout
- Updated: arcanox
- Updated: template files
- Updated: ajax files
- Updated: comment systems
- Updated: cron commands
- Updated: language files
- Updated: database tables
- Updated: /.htaccess
- Updated: documentation
- Updated: /search.php
- Updated: /arcanox.php
- Updated: /profile.php
- Fixed: slow game loading issues
- Fixed: game frame showing blank page
- Fixed: js errors
- Fixed: ad location spaces when it's empty
- Fixed: .htaccess issues
- Fixed: pending approve and delete caching issues
- Fixed: header scripts issues
- Fixed: translation strings
- Fixed: language errors

Changelog v1.4.3 (5/14/17)
- New Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challengers!
- New: google analytics feature
- New: shoutbox avatars and names are now clickable
- New: rank colors
- Added: max limit to search queries
- Fixed: reported css issues
- Fixed: common ajax errors
- Fixed: avatar images not loading properly
- Fixed: category page sidebar column size
- Fixed: pending games page sidebar column size
- Fixed: pages page sidebar column size
- Fixed: game submissions bug
- Fixed: forgot pass captcha issue
- Fixed: game editing issues
- Fixed: game cache issues
- Fixed: cron.php errors
- Fixed: last players avatar error
- Fixed: top exp earners avatar error
- Fixed: playing white page after timer turns 0
- Fixed: alert boxes not being able to close on mobile
- Fixed: api json format
- Fixed: meta tag bugs
- Fixed: increase game description characters
- Fixed: javascript lang_error_alert 
- Updated: "chinese" language
- Updated: "japanese" language
- Updated: pagination style to material
- Updated: comments style to material
- Updated: position of top banner
- Updated: position of sidebar ad
- Updated: system classes
- Updated: default template files
- Updated: documentation
- Updated: .htaccess

Update v1.4 (5/6/17)
- Support for php 5.4 has been restored
- New Awesome Material Design
- Game center is now online! Import thousands of games again!
- ArcadeGameFeed added to game center again
- New: "japanese" language
- New: "vietnamese" language
- New: "chinese" language
- New: "turkish" language
- New: "portuguese" language
- New: settings layout
- New: lazy loading style
- New: recently played games widget on sidebar in homepage
- New: top exp earners widget on sidebar in homepage
- New: theme colors (9 colors)
- New: sitemap seo feature
- New: new games label in new games section
- New: featured label in featured games section
- New: play count label in popular games section
- New: category label in random games section
- New: category label in all games category
- New: reddit share button
- New: tumblr share button
- New: pinterest share button
- New: social network links in user profiles
- New: category megadropdown menu
- New: language chooser menu
- Added: option to move games from one category to another
- Added: manual import button (import games without setting up a cron)
- Added: game center status checker in control panel (check if game center is online or not)
- Added: script update checker in control panel (check if you are using the latest version of arcadia)
- Added: option to upload custom logo
- Added: option to disable game submissions
- Added: sitemap, sitemap settings and sitemap generation
- Added: option to turn off anti adblock
- Added: option for users to add their social network links
- Added: option to add custom category seo url slug
- Fixed: old language names (now named using it's original language)
- Fixed: ugly old slug encoding style
- Fixed: limit the characters of play page header on mobile
- Fixed: categories slug encoding style
- Fixed: search slug encoding style
- Fixed: game frames overflowing height to user screens
- Fixed: related games description
- Fixed: scrollbar size (now bigger)
- Fixed: sidebar column in homepage (now bigger)
- Fixed: delete all existing user data when a user is deleted
- Fixed: hide social login buttons if not configured
- Fixed: facebook share button
- Fixed: smart cache errors
- Fixed: reported bugs and issues
- Improved: system performance
- Removed: smart thumbnails, slow loading issues due to cURL checking
- Updated: default template files
- Updated: system classes
- Updated: .htaccess
- Updated: documentation (server cron guide is now available)

Update v1.3.4 (4/28/17)
- New: "latvian" language
- New: "arabic" language
- New: "dutch" language
- Fixed: increased max page characters to 15,000
- Fixed: facebook share blank page
- Fixed: cache errors
- Fixed: rtl issues
- Updated: default template footer file
- Updated: documentation
- Disabled: game center temporarily for preparation and upgrading to v1.4 big update

Update v1.3.3.1 (4/25/17)
- Removed: ArcadeGameFeed from game center because of offline status of their servers.

Update v1.3.3 (4/24/17)
- New: "danish" language
- Fixed: headers error
- Fixed: category pagination error
- Updated: game center api
- Updated: plugin system
- Updated: OAuth files
- Updated: language files
- Updated: default template
- Updated: documentation

Update v1.3.1 (4/20/17)
- 4J game feed has been added to game center! (More games can be fetched)

Update v1.3 (4/19/17)
- Support for PHP 5.4 has been dropped
- Script has been completely re-structured (Requires New Installation)
- Game center is now active! Automatic game importer can now be used to fetch more games! (Requires a valid purchase code)
- You can now change the category names to any languages or terms, games from the importer will still be added to their original places!
- HTTPS is now fully supported!
- New: templating system
- New: "french" language
- New: "russian" language
- New: "filipino" language
- New: "german" language
- New: "spanish" language
- New: "korean" language
- New: spilgames feeds in installer
- New: option to change the useful links in footer at the control panel
- New: option to only install html5 games in installer
- New: game importer settings in control panel
- Improved: file upload security
- Improved: system performance
- Fixed: api error when fetching user data
- Fixed: social login issues
- Fixed: default refferal documentation page issue
- Fixed: default user documentation page typo errors
- Fixed: blank page when logging out
- Fixed: game timer freezing when game ads is disabled
- Fixed: user is not redirected back from where they left after logging in using the quick login modal
- Fixed: category ajax files not showing the loading animation in game thumbnails
- Fixed: featured and popular nav buttons not working on firefox
- Fixed: pending games related ajax issues
- Fixed: avatar related issues
- Fixed: social sharing related issues
- Updated: system classes
- Updated: OAuth files
- Updated: control panel
- Updated: installer files
- Updated: gamepix feed in installer
- Updated: default template, now all related files are organized properly including ajax files and assets
- Updated: default template stylesheets
- Updated: default template scripts
- Updated: default template html files
- Updated: captcha codes can now be refreshed
- Updated: reported static strings has been translated
- Updated: main .htaccess file
- Updated: documentation
- Removed: default about, terms and privacy pages
- Removed: FlashGameDistribution feed because of the offline status of their servers (Affects the total available games for fetching, now only 12,000+)