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PayMoney Mobile App

PayMoney Mobile APP is a simple mobile application for sending money quickly between your friends and family. It is the ANDROID version of PayMoney – Secure Online payment gateway.

Note: You cannot run this as a stand alone application; you need to purchase PayMoney – Secure Online Payment Gateway for this mobile application to work.

App Login Credentials:

username   :
password    : 123456

username   :
password    : 123456

Download Android APK file Click here.



Send Money

Send money quickly to friends by simply using payment methods. There’s no extra transaction fee for sending money. User now easily transfer money to anyone via PayMoney Mobile App.

Request Money

Now, it will take few minutes to send request to other for money, if the recipient doesn’t have PayMoney account, can open one easily for free. Receiver can Accept request within a seconds. Also can Declined any request.

Exchange Currency

Using PayMoney App, user can exchange any currency whenever they want. User can see the currency conversion with exchange rate details by clicking on your activity.


“Bank or paypal” user can withdraw any amount via Paymoney app. Use Paymoney app for easily cash out from user wallet & check balance instantly .System take the protection of user account very seriously by using security measures. Also help to protect user account information.

User Profile

User can see & update their profile.


From each user dashboard users can see all active wallets and available balance in their wallet.

User Activity

Transactions records are saved in user acivity. Details of all trnsactions are here. You can view Deposits & Merchant payments record also.

New Released Features (v-1.1)

Deposit money via Stripe, payPal & Bank: As well as payMoney web verison now, user can do deposit via payMoney mobile app too. By payMoney mobile app all registered use’s can do Deposit via Stripe, payPal & Bank.

User registration: Unregisterred user can do registration by mobile app.

Send/Request money via phone number: User can Send/Request money via phone number( Registered or unregistered users). While transferred amount or send request to user phone number, user get sms on their mobile number.

Login via Phone number: Not only email id but also by phone number, user can be able to login into payMoney Mobile app.

Update ChangeLog

PayMoney App v-1.3 August 29, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with paypal deposit.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with stripe deposit
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with request money validation message.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with email not displaying correctly in request payment 
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with empty phone number while updating profile.

New Feature: User can now change default wallet from his/her profile.
New Feature: The system can now calculate values upto 8 decimal places; instead of just 
2 decimal places.

Improvement: If no payout setting is added by users, an alert to setup payout 
settings will be displayed.

PayMoney App v-1.1 May 31, 2019

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
New Feature: Added user registration
New Feature: Added login via phone
New Feature: Added International Telephone Input to phone
New Feature: Added deposit money via Stripe, PayPal and Bank
New Feature: Added send money via phone
New Feature: Added request money via phone
Improvement: Identification of user's default wallet from his/her wallets list
Improvement: Removed money in and money out from transactions list
Improvement: Dynamic email and phone notification for send & request money by preference
Improvement: Improved exchange module
Improvement: Dynamic decimal format and money symbol position
Improvement: Dynamic date format to transactions

Initial Release v-1.0 October 16, 2018

Initial Release


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