TechStore is the ultimate React Native template that let you build your shopping cart app for both Android and iOS. With the powerful combination of React Native framework and Shopify integration, your eCommerce app will be up and running in 5 minutes.

You don’t have to be a developer or code-savvy user to config our template. With our one-step installation, you can manage and config all the settings in Shopify dashboard.

TechStore reduces a significant amount of time in design, develop and tweaking your native app for Shopify e-commerce. Animation, UI/UX are optimized for a high tech gadgets shop, electronics store.

TechStore can help:

  • Shopify Owners (must know how to copy + paste): build your first shopping cart app.
  • App Developers: save a lot of time building app from scratch.
  • Outsourcing Agencies: more customers, less investment.

Why Buy TechStore

  • One-step full integration with Shopify
  • iOS & Android native apps
  • Best mobile eCommerce UX practices
  • Safe & secure with Shopify Checkout
  • Fast and reliable
  • No coding required
  • Save helluva time

Try before you buy

What’s new in TechStore 1.5

You can build an international app with full i18n support.

  • Support internationalization
  • Full Right-to-Left languages: TechStore supports Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL languages.

TechStore Features

TechStore is a React Native template designed for hi-tech gadgets and electronics online shop. Our beloved is equipped with an arsenal of features that can help you top your Shopify e-commerce game.

A beautiful mobile app for Shopify store can help boost customer experience when shopping.

Powerful navigation with Off-canvas menu and Dropdown menu

7 gorgeous blog layouts

You can choose between 7 blog layouts for your shop’s blogging content.

  • Card Layout
  • Two column
  • Three column
  • Portfolio 1 & 2
  • List Layout
  • Featured Post

Familiar Shopify Collection feature

Simple and focus Collection screen with list view, grid view and sorting feature of Shopify.

Simple and efficient Product page

  • Full Shopify inventory support with Availability, Quantity, Type. Customers cannot buy unavailable items
  • Swipe to view product images
  • Show related products
  • Minimized product description

Search Results that help customer find the right product

Blazingly fast search results page powered by Shopify.

Shopping Cart that makes customers buy more with less time

  • Neat display of Product name, for aesthetic and convenience.
  • Easy to add or remove shopping items.
  • Infinite scrolling for a long list of shopping items. No pagination.
  • Quick checkout with Total Amount and big Checkout button.

Safe and secure Checkout process from Shopify

  • Full Shopify checkout process with detailed Shipping Method, Payment.
  • Safe & secure. Let Shopify handle this.

Customer Account for regular customers

  • Easy to Sign in / Register for buyers
  • Save Profile Information for quick checkout and invoicing.

Support from ❤️

  • Comprehensive Online Documentation
  • Step-by-step Video Tutorials
  • 1 Year Money Back – No question ask

Customers believe in TechStore

Don’t take our words for granted. Watch we build an eCommerce native app in 5 minutes:

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Change logs

Version 1.8.4 (04 Jan 19:
- Fix UI: Remove white space on Home Screen and Search Screen.
- Fix UI: Hide cart badge when empty.

Version 1.8.3 (28 Nov 18):
Update package version:
"react": "16.6.1" 
"react-native": "0.57.5" 
"react-native-maps": "0.22.0" 
"react-native-animatable": "1.3.0" 
"react-native-collapsible": "1.3.0" 
"react-native-easy-grid": "0.2.0" 
"react-native-elements": "0.19.1" 
"react-native-fast-image": "5.0.11" 
"react-native-i18n": "^2.0.15" 

Version 1.8.2 (09 Oct 18):
- Support HTML tag in store description.
- Fix bug: show cart quantity in wrong tab.

Version 1.8.1 (02 Oct 18):
- Fixed: missing font icon 

Version 1.8 (26 Sep 18):
New feature: Notification with OneSignal.

Version 1.7 (14 Sep 18):
- Add new feature: Stores locator (listing).

Version 1.6 (7 Sep 18):
- [Update liquid] - Fix minor bug: Strip html of price.

Version 1.6 (1 Sep 18):
- Fix minor bug when open external link.

Version 1.6 (1 Sep 18):
- Improvement: Add demo to home screen and menu in case Shopify settings data is null.

Version 1.5 (12 Jul 18):
- Refactor all code structure to improve code maintainability and facilitate the design and development of new themes.
- Support multi-language with i18n module. Full support Right-to-Left lanuages.
- Optimize the page performance of products list, articles, blog pages. Faster load time.
- Fixing bug: Search screen can't scroll to next page.

Version 1.4.4 (29 Jun 18):
Fix minor bug: Fix error when hide Slider in Home screen.

Version 1.4.3 (27 Jun 18):
- Remove character '/' at the end of Shopify domain to prevent bug in Customer screens.
- Replace character " in short_description of blog, collection screens.
- Improve: Change style of button in Customer screens that look better.

Version 1.4.2 (20 Jun 18):
Fix Shopify setting bugs: no setting will make app can not run.

Version 1.4.1 (13 Jun 18):
Fix building bugs:
- IOS: Stuck at splash screen on Testflight build.
- Disable landscape mode.
- Android: Update permission
- IOS: Support iPhone X full screen.

Version 1.4 (06 Jun 18):
- Fix layout bugs: * Update multi-level to horizontal menu. * Update missing layouts in blog screen. * Displaying wrong price in product screen & cart screen.
- Improve: * Cart screen - hide variant title when product has only one variant.

version 1.3.3 (04 Jun 18):
- Hot fix: Remove package react-native-maps causes crash on Android.

version 1.3.2 (25 May 18):
- Strip HTML in setting Shopify file
- Add error screen when Shopify settings fails, avoid crash app.

version 1.3.1 (22 May 18):
Fix small bugs:
- Remove folder locales in liquid source.
- Fix bug when user hasn't chose side menu.
- Remove images that cause problem when run app (ios).

version 1.3 (18 May 18):
1. Update package version
"react native": "0.55.4" 
"react-native-vector-icons": "4.6.0" 
2. Fix layout bugs & improve UX (
- Product screen can't scroll to bottom.
- After place order, cart does not become empty.
- The language in account screen isn't English.
- Product price currency doesn't change due to Shop.
- Crash app when redirect from collection screen to product screen.
- Error layout in search screen
- Search screen: Show notification when has no article found.
- Hide footer tab in search screen.

version 1.2.1 (05 May 18)
- Improve app performance 
- Fix small bug at home screen

version 1.2 (27 March 18):
1. RN v0.53.0
2. Package latest version
3. Account pages
4. Bookmark article
5. Image lazy load.
6. Setting layout from Shopify Store
7. Restructure folder

version 1.1 (14 September 17):
1. Blog / Article / Page from Shopify Store
2. Multi layout Post
3. Share Page / Post
4. Fixed a few small bugs

version 1.0 (14 July 17):
- Initial release