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Top 11 Best Seo Tools for Digital Marketer 2020

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best seo tool 2020

The SEO industry has SEO tools and tricks to help SEO and digital marketing specialists do their job better. Some tools are free, others require a small fee. These tools exist to help you perform your job better and help advance the industry. However, remember that tools are just tools, they help speed up your work, but the data of these tools still needs to be analyzed and good SEOs know how to take appropriate measures based on the data and information of SEO tools.

I have put together the tools that most SEO consultants and analysts use to complete a full SEO audit and to do their daily work. Keep in mind that, since the SEO industry evolves so frequently, some SEOs come and go, new tools appear every day, this list may not be updated when you read it, but it is quite sold out at the time of the publication.

Screaming frog

Top 11 Best Seo Tools

Screaming Frog is a great tool that gives you a quick overview of your site. It has a free and paid version (approx. $ 165 per year).

Professional advice: use the contain function to verify the count of comments. If your comments have a unique class, you can have Screaming Frog easily check the html of that class. Each class is equal to one comment.


If you don’t want to spend $$ on Screaming Frog, you can opt for Xenu. It’s free.

Professional advice: the best use of Xenu is to create a work site map. There are many alternative tools to create an XML sitemap, but I think Xenu works quite well. Xenu can also be used to find missing alternative text for your images.

Standing out

Excel should be your best friend. You can opt for an alternative: Google Docs.

Professional advice: you should know (or at least learn) how to use pivot tables to analyze a large set of links and data generated from SEO tools such as Screaming Frog.

Opensite Explorer

Opensite is a Moz tool (both paid and free) used to analyze backlinks.

Professional tip: download your backlinks into a CSV file, delete everything after .com, .edu, .org, using: = USBSTITUTE (A1, TRIM (LEFT (RIGHT (SUBSTITUTE (A1, “/”, REPT (” “, 100))), 100), 100))” “), so you only have the root domain left and check the links of the entire site. These links from the entire site from external sources could damage your backlink profile.

Sequel Pro

This is also used to analyze large amounts of information, similar to MySQL, but easier to use.

Professional advice: Sometimes Excel cannot handle your massive data, start using Sequel Pro. It can help you quickly examine your data and then export it to CSV for analysis in Excel.

Majestic SEO

Another backlink tool (both paid and free)

Professional advice: The best way to use Majestic is to verify the cumulative growth of links. You can learn a lot only with its free tool. Majestic will also give you Trust Flow for free. Explore and learn everything you can.


This is another backlink tool (both paid and free)

Professional advice: After running the analysis on your site with this backlink tool, look at the domains, not the page-level links, because they are the only ones that matter.

Similar web

This is a web classification tool and competitive analysis. Provide web activities for a specific domain that you type.

Professional advice: use this tool to see your competitors.

WayBack machine

This provides links to previous versions of a web page.

Professional advice: use the file to search for broken pages or broken links. You can use the file to verify if your previous links are still active.


Pingdom provides free tools that also analyze the speed performance of your page.

Professional advice: use Pingdom to follow your route. Although you can use the terminal for this, use Pingdom to verify your hosting provider. Do not assume you are in a good hosting service.

GT Metrix

This is a free tool that helps you analyze the accelerated performance of your site. Page Speed, YSlow and GTmetrix are excellent tools for this.

Professional advice: use the history tab to verify the archived speed of your site. If you have a slower report, it may be that your server is being hammered.

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